Sheffield Lyceum Curious project

So this week we returned to one of our favorite projects, this time at the Lyceum Sheffield.
We were made to feel very welcome and the project took place right in the heart of the theatre in their backstage rehearsal room.
The space and environment is always key and you never know until you arrive how suitable the room will be.
This room is light and airy with a nice high ceiling and plenty of space and little distraction. This is going to be a good week.
We immediately make choices of how we will mark out our space to provide that all important structure that is needed to get the very best out of our young people.
As we progress through the week it is pure joy to witness how quickly they engage their amazing minds and create such imaginative play which constantly expels stereotypes of what an ASC learner can achieve.
The journey we embark on is a huge one for them. From Jessica showing us pure emotions on the emotional chairs to Ashanti over coming her fear of singing in front of an audience with such an angelic voice. From Abi believing she is stroking a puppy in her arms to Adam seeing the stars and galaxies surrounding him, moments that take our breath away.
As we welcomed cast members from Curious to our sharing today they left emotionally drained and truly inspired from what they had witnessed, it really reminds us just how much we can all learn from each other.
Witnessing the huge benefits and development the young people had shown this week is really the most rewarding part of our work and always excels our expectations. We are constantly surprised by what they achieve in such a short space of time.
If only every ASC learner had access to these Drama projects.